PR Performance Audit Report

With 5% error margin, at 95% confidence level, our media analysis and performance audit report passes through high-quality checks and audit processes by highly trained media and data analysts with exceptional skills in media monitoring, data gathering, analysis and evaluation.

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The Media Performance report will:

  • Provide an in-depth media analysis of Banks, Top Insurance Companies, and Top Digital Banks in Nigeria, using the P+ Measurement media content analysis (P+MCA) methodology.
  • Analyze Nigerian Banks, Top Insurance Companies, and Top Digital Banks with prominence on the highlighted media themes (CSR/CSI, Partnerships/Sponsorship, Product Launch, Fintech, Promotion, etc.) and also, benchmarking brands with respective competitors in their industry.
  • Highlight the Nigerian Banking, Top Insurance, and Top Digital Banking Industry CEOs featured with the highest media exposure.
  • Provide top print publication advert spend and placement in the Banking, Insurance, and Digital Banking Industry.

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